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the best attitude is gratitude

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“Mad as Hell”

Franklin Graham

“Mad as Hell”—You’ve heard people use the term. But the phrase makes me think about a Hell full of people who are mad at themselves because they didn’t listen. Mad because they didn’t repent and accept God’s offer of forgiveness for their sins through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. Mad because they turned down eternity in Heaven, and they’re spending time without end in Hell. Can you imagine being with millions of souls screaming, mad as Hell, because it’s too late for them? The decision for Christ needed to be made while they were alive on earth—there are no second chances after you leave this world. It’s either Heaven or Hell. How about you? Have you made this crucial decision about the eternal destiny of your soul?

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I crave you... Love ♡:

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Stop being mastered by your past; it’s over. Forget your mistakes; they are forgiven and forgotten, buried in the deepest sea, never to be remembered against you again.

If God has forgiven you and forgotten your sin, it is time to move one. Don’t allow your past to dictate your future. Have a joyful, wonderful life made possible by the Cross.

Place your hope in the King of kings and realize the incredibly bright future you have coming your way. Hope is God’s gift to every Believer. Your gift to Him is the joy you proclaim to those around you, shining His example in every dark corner.

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I recently spent time in the Sandhills – a place I call home.  A place that is unlike any other place in the world.  A place I am grateful to have grown up in, get to see my nephews carry on the traditions and that contain the roots that make me who I am today. I understand more and more with every visit how dear this place is and how grateful I am for the gifts this land has brought me – to be loyal, honest, believe in others, always have a smile even when things are tough, faith, community, friendship, family, fellowship, the importance of tradition and knowing your roots, of being kind and accepting of others who may not be just like you or I, the value of work, that not everything comes easy and that you stick in there and do your best and that’s all you can do….that other people’s opinions are just that opinions….and that love is the glue that holds it all together. And if you aren’t from there…just how different that world seems and one that most will probably never understand, but that’s ok.  I may never understand why a suit and tie and a contract are better than a pair of work worn overalls and a handshake either…smiling…but I think that’s way ok as well. 

Nebraska’s pioneering spirit shines brightly along the I-80 corridor, which follows the vast open spaces of the Great Plains. If travelers hurriedly passing through the state thinking, “Yep, this is Nebraska,” took the time to veer off the well-beaten path and steer the car northwest, they would discover a landscape unlike any other and a lifestyle steeped in tradition.

Heading up Nebraska Highway 97 just above North Platte, the topography changes dramatically. The flat farmland graduates into clusters of enormous sand dunes—miles of them. Anchored by a variety of prairie grasses and etched by relentless winds over thousands of years, the Sandhills rise up like waves of an ocean—a phenomenon not seen anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere.

Blue sky, dotted with puffy cotton balls of clouds, stretches as far as the eye can see before dipping down and hugging hills on the distant horizon. Under this protective dome lies nature at its purest, virtually untouched by civilization. This, too, is Nebraska—western Nebraska, where life mirrors the land: simple, unaffected, and humble. Where the small tows still think of  those growing up there primarily as
Mr. and Mrs. so and so’s son.

It is a place where you grow up feeling that no matter how bad things can get, everything’s going to be okay, but no matter how good things are, you’re no better than anyone else. Humility ranks high here. A place that provides that kind of stability. It is a place where people still come back to spend time with their grandparents, the front door is always open to welcome you for a cold glass of tea or steaming cup of coffee and people celebrate 70 years of marriage.  It is a home where fifth-generation ranchers and farmers still live on family land.

Work never ends in the Sandhills.  There are always chores to be done, cattle to be fed, machinery to be fixed.  For people who exhibit no pretensions, life flows in a natural rhythm, like the waters of the Niobrara River. The land and the serenity it brings will lure those who have roots there back again and again. And with that the next generation will someday discover what their parents already know: some of the richest lives on earth are lived in the quiet touches of the Nebraska Sandhills.

You can list all the things that make the Sandhills great but it’s home. And home is everything.

It’s not heaven yet. But it’s about as close as you can get.

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Finding your voice takes time. It takes realizing that everything: history, your own past, your family, your friends, the sound of the drive to your grandma’s house, the scent of rain rain, your best friend’s favorite song, your first heartbreak, your dreams, hopes, future, all of this is a constant, churning stew that is at all times creating your voice.

Never let anyone censor your voice! 


And even the voice I’ve found so far could be so different ten years from now. Wherever I am in life I want to accept where my voice is and know that we are on a journey together with the words written to remind us where we’ve been and where we’re headed.  They are my words, they are my pictures that I love, they are my emotions and my thoughts – they are MINE.  

My voice and I are inviting you to journey with us – to see what we see, to feel what we feel, to be vulnerable and open – to cry and bleed and love and laugh. If you wish to journey with us….take our hand and walk with us.  

But if you wish to judge us, to censor us, to devalue us – then please just leave us be…as we have a story to tell…a journey to blend with others who truly desire to be part of our story. As we do not have time for you to analyze us, to hide our truth so you can feel better about yours, to censor our footprints….grains of sand are numbered.

We plan on living freely out of love….



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There is a comfort in knowing you are loved….for just being you – all the truth, the stories, the messiness, the wounds, the journey….there is no fear or censorship in that.

 There is an immense power inherent in the truth in your own voice, of telling your story, of  pursuing dreams and expressing life through your fingertips.

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